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May 27, 2014 Visual Storytelling Jam: The Vine Challenge

May 27, 2014  Visual Storytelling Jam: The Vine Challenge

Last month at Visual Thinkers Show and Tell, we collaborated by creating stories using found objects and fabrics. We explored different narrative structures and outlines as described in Dan Roam’s aptly named new book “Show and Tell.”

For the May 27, 2014 edition of Visual Thinkers Show and Tell, we’ll continue exploring the power of visual narrative. Some of us will be creating Vines, six second visual loops with our phones and devices. Others might create stories using found images and drawings. We’ll all have the opportunity to collaborate.

Bring your story. Bring your phone or tablet (optional). We’ll make up stories as the night progresses, and then we’ll share what we’ve learned.

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