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Visualizing Science

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Visualizing Science

Next Visual Thinkers Toronto
Tuesday, October 28 2014  7-9 PM
There will be no session in September
The purpose of the upcoming October session is to bring visual thinking to communication of concepts in science.

Using the broadest, most inclusive interpretation of the terms “science” and “visual thinking” we will explore how visual thinking can enrich and deepen scientific investigation as well as communicate concepts to the general public. We will explore how art, scientific illustration, systems thinking, maps, infographics, information architecture, sketchnotes, and other practices contribute to the understanding of science.

Come prepared to share your thoughts, questions, and experience in visualizing science. A computer with internet and projector will be available for those who come prepared with a brief presentation.

We will include a forum for sharing about process, with some hands-on challenges for participants to create their own visualizations of concepts based in some scientific problem or inquiry.

Each Visual Thinkers meeting starts with “Show and Tell”.  Anyone can share an image or idea, a toy or tool, for the group to discuss for 5 minutes.  (We have a laptop, projector and Internet.  Bring your image on a USB stick if required.)

Bring your questions, interests, and expertise and get ready to get visual with a group of like-minded thinkers.
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