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Links from “Visualizing Science” meet-up

Last night we had a great gathering of new & familiar faces to hear digital artist Ron Wild talk about Visualizing Science.  He showed us OncoMap, his collaboration with cancer researcher Joseph Geraci, among other massive and colourful collages of scientific images.  Ron also introduced us to GigaPan, a website for exploring the world by zooming into very high-resolution images.

Cassandra Pollack shared her two paintings of string theory concepts.   Alana Boltwood invited everyone to her Meta-Diagrams art open house.  Along with Ron’s work, these inspired lots of  discussion about conveying scientific and academic concepts through artistic approaches.  We concluded that each artist may choose a different balance between faithfully conveying academic concepts, and aesthetic concerns such as composition.

It’s not just visualization that can convey scientific concepts.  By applying rules to data from the Large Hadron Collider, CERN created LHChamber Music, an example of sonification.

Gregory showed us his prototype of a video game about genetics, created at the ROM Game Jam.  We heard that design jams and charettes are similar types of events.  Maybe we will do one soon!

Somehow this led to conversation about tetrachromats, people who see unusually more colour in the world.  And at the pub, we passed around our phones to share things like Alex Grey’s spiritual artwork.  It was quite the evening!  Here are some notes and ideas from Patricia Kambitsch:

Visual Thinkers 2014-10-28 notes