Starting our collaborative Book Club

Tonight the Visual Thinkers met to start our Book Club.  It’s not like a literary-discussion book club. This is a collaborative sketchbook project that you can join in:  just come to our next meet-up on November 24.

Each book has a theme (magic, fear, computers, Canadians, etc.)  Contributors can make a new page by drawing, painting, writing, etc.   Or they can modify a previous page by someone else, maybe even by cutting it up!

Kaia Vintr has initiated this project to encourage participants to make something visual on a frequent basis (because not everyone is consistent about using their solitary sketchbooks!)  At our September meet-up, the group agreed to do this project using paper books, not electronic media.

Much of tonight’s discussion was about the hard edges of artistic collaboration:  How do we keep the books moving quickly between contributors?  What permissions are required if someone wants to publish a page of a book that other people contributed to?  What do we do with the books we produce?   For some artists, letting our work go may be the hardest part!


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