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November 24, 2015 Drawing Systems


No matter where we look, our world seems to be a big, tangled, interconnected mess. With everything everywhere so interconnected, how might we comprehend the complexity of our problems, and deal with the wicked messes we’ve got ourselves into? Systems thinking is a powerful way to help us look at the big pictures of complex problems. How might we draw these big pictures?

The final Visual Thinkers gathering of 2015 will be a special interactive session on visual system sketching. Drawing on well-known frameworks from system theory, the session will engage participants in learning to hand-sketch interpretive models of systemic relationships. Peter Jones and Patricia Kambitsch will share modes of sketching-to-scale based on graphic recording presentation modes. The session will develop visual modeling approaches in the context of problem areas of interest to participants.

Also we will be continuing BOOK CLUB, an collaborative project whereby we share and exchange books that we make from sketchbooks. Read more about Book Club here.