We always welcome new people to attend the Visual Thinkers Show and Tell, and we’re also looking for speakers for future meet-ups. This page will give you ideas of what we are interested in talking about.

Previous Themes

Here are the themes we have explored at past The Visual Thinkers events:

2014-October:  Visualizing Science
2014-August:  More Drawing Games
2014-June: Drawing Games at the Pub
2014-May: Visual storytelling jam: the Vine challenge
2014-April: Visual storytelling part one: using found and re-purposed elements
2014-February: Net-Maps (Influence Network Maps)
2013-November: Maps and Meaning
2013-October: Making the complex simple
2013-February: Comic book illustration
2013-January: Graphic Recording Basics

Sometime in 2013 or 2014, before we kept history:
Fonts: The clothes letters wear, typeface as fashion through the 20th Century
Dos and Don’ts in Data Visualization
Maps and Templates for graphic recording, life coaching and strategic planning
Fun with Easel Charts
Graphic Recording Jam
How to draw to show emotion
Our favorite tools

Future Themes

Some potential themes for Visual Thinkers Toronto are listed below. Please comment to add more ideas for themes! We are especially interested in themes that can span two consecutive meetings on related topics.

Visual Methods
Visual Journals
Repeating Patterns
Tell a story, in a familiar & an unfamiliar medium
Diagramming with Rigorous Notations
Game design & development; Gamification
Equity & Diversity in Images
Accessible visuals & websites (for vision-impaired, colour-blind people, etc.)
Fads & Fashions in Visualization
Infographics: Good, Bad and Evil
Readability vs Artistry: a debate about graphic design
Charette / Design Jam
Using your camera features for visual thinking


Content to Visualize
Business Models
Visualizing invisible phenomena (e.g. temperature, sound, abstract concepts, deities)
Mapping our city
Mapping Wicked (Complex) Problems
Visualizing the Future
Visualizing the Past
Visual Memoirs: telling your own stories
Digital preservation for archives
The elevator pitch: selling your idea in a single image
Visual enhancements/alternatives to the resume/CV


Visual Thinking Professions
Career options for visual thinkers
How to shift your career into/betweeen the visual-thinking professions
What makes someone a good [professional]
What does a [professional] do (the job content of a visual-thinking profession)
Successful freelancing in the visual-thinking professions
Where visual thinking professions include but are not limited to:

  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Engineering
  • Data reporting, mining & visualization
  • Visual arts & crafts
  • Graphic design
  • Theatrical set & costume design
  • Graphic recording (sketch-noting)
  • Enterprise Architecture (Alana)

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