Social Media as Art Form

At our next meet-up we will experiment with creative uses of social media.  Register for this free workshop on Tuesday January 26, 7-9pm at OCAD University, 100 McCaul Street, Toronto, Lambert Lounge: 

What can you do with social media, beyond marketing?  We will discuss the styles and cultures of different social networking services.  Then we will each create an online persona, and try to get it noticed.

Alana Boltwood will show us her latest art project,, which includes fictional characters on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, OkCupid and

If possible, please bring your smartphone with some apps installed: a drawing or photo-editing app, and a social media service that’s new to you.  Try one of the above, or:  Flickr, Snapchat, Google+, LinkedIn, GoodReads, Ravelry, Soundcloud, DeviantArt, Foursquare, or more listed at on Wikipedia.

About Visual Thinkers

We are birds of many feathers.  As a group, we are happy to include a wide diversity of fields and perspectives. Participants include data visualizers, artists, architects (of buildings, information or enterprises), sketchnoters, graphic recorders, facilitators, graphic designers, and others who use visual thinking in their work and play.

Experts, explorers and dabblers alike are invited to gather for Visual Thinkers. We play games, share insights, and learn from each others’ practices.  No long lectures, no grades and no exclusions.

Each Visual Thinkers meeting starts with “Show and Tell”.  Anyone can share an image or idea, a toy or tool, for the group to discuss for 5 minutes.  (We have a laptop, projector and Internet.  Bring your image on a USB stick if required.)

After Show and Tell, we move on to exploring a theme in an open space.  So bring your questions, interests, and expertise and get ready to get visual with a group of like-minded thinkers.

We also take a few minutes to exchange collaborative sketchbooks.

Our meet-ups are followed by informal idea-sharing and socializing at a nearby pub, Sin and Redemption, with a large selection of Belgian beers and tasty food.


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